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LED Facial

Huidspecialist Rosenberg Blaricum for bookings

Rosenberg LPL Collagen Light

PDT, Photo Dynamic Therapy LED Photo Dynamic Therapy


The Rosenberg Dynamic LED Collagen Light feels like the sun, a wonderful relaxing feeling with visible skin improvement! It is a medically sound device. The light goes very deep into the skin and where (sun) damage is, this light helps to repair it. The light also stimulates the production of collagen. During the lamp you can observe a pleasant pulsating feeling in your skin. The lamp has no side effects. The longer and more often you stay under the lamp, the more beautiful and healthier your skin becomes.


Rosenberg LPL Collagen Light goes deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and fill wrinkles from within in combination with pure Rosenberg Hyaluronic Acid. A radiant skin is the result.


Photo dynamic therapy is a breakthrough in collagen stimulation 


Professional photo dynamic therapy treatment against: wrinkles, sagging, thin and/or rough skin, brown skin spots (pigment) rosacea,

Rosacea and acne. It is a painless even pleasant treatment. It has no side effects and is only healthy for the skin. 

Through photo dynamic blue light therapy, the skin can be treated against acne, redness and excessive pigmentation.


By means of red light therapy, the skin is rejuvenated, strengthened and a beautiful hue is formed from the inside.  Lifting light: An interesting new development in the field of skin improvement is PDT photo dynamic therapy. With special light pulses the production of collagen is stimulated to give the skin renewed elasticity and to suppress further degradation of collagen. Photo dynamic light therapy is completely painless and feels wonderful.


Technical info

Red: the wavelength is 630 nanometers

This wavelength stimulates the production of fibroblasts (5 times faster than normal) in the production of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin tighter and fuller and from which, among other things, new tissue is formed, which accelerates the healing process (wounds), with a clear strengthening and lifting of the skin as a result. Pigment spots, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and redness disappears. Improve skin structure and tone. Refine coarse pores and it reduces dull, dull smokers' skin, lifts the skin and gives the skin a nice fresh complexion. Improves overall skin. 

Blue: the wavelength is 415 nanometers.

This wavelength works antibacterial and calming

The pure blue light causes a reaction with a waste product of the proprion bacteria (cause of acne) and prevents the sebaceous glands to ignite. This releases oxygen, killing the bacteria. By this antibacterial effect, existing acne disappears and new acne is formed, as well as Acne Rosacea (an inflammatory form of rosacea).


PDT for skin improvement uses natural light sound waves that are transported by photo dynamic therapy in the skin also called LPL (Led Pulsed Light) This will stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen provides the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The skin will rejuvenate, tighten and thicken. Besides anti-age treatment, PDT Photo Dynamic Therapy can also treat other skin problems including acne, melasma and there are positive results known in vitiligo. All in all, photo dynamic light therapy makes the skin healthy so that it solves many skin problems through its own resistance system. for bookings 

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