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Coarse Pores

The Skin Specialist to get fine pores

Coarse pores seem to be even more annoying in the mirror image than wrinkles. People with oily skin often suffer a little more. Also with the aging of the skin, the pores become larger. The volume decreases and the pores open more, as it were.


There are theoretical claims that you can't do anything about coarse pores but here in the Rosenberg skin practice in Blaricum I see a remarkable improvement as a practitioner. Even nicer is that I hear it myself. Especially the users of glycolic acid experience the biggest difference. Microneedling has the property of almost immediately thickening the skin so that the pores are also squeezed together.



Microneedling (also for home at

Glycolic acid 50 to 70% or for home vitamin A Glycolic acid 

BIO treatment tackles coarse pores and is recommended once every 6 weeks. It contains glycolic acid and an astringent gasket.


Coarse pore treatment with glycolic acid gives a nice smooth and radiant result. Come along for free consultation to see which treatment gives the best result for total skin improvement or WhatsApp skin advice 0031 (0) 653 276 070

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