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Fat burners, carbohydrates and ve-tsin

January 2, 2019




New facts about nutrition. There are 3 types of carbohydrates. The white, beige and green carbohydrates. 


New fact about carbohydrates with enormous waste potential


WHITE. The white carbohydrates are found in sugar, flour, white bread, pasta, chips, pizza, biscuits, sweets and soft drinks. This is the number 1 thickener. What you might not know....there are lots of sugar cubes in rice! Replace rice with Bulgur, looks like rice but contains less sugar. Tomato ketchup also contains a lot of sugar.
















BEIGE. The beige carbohydrates are in brown bread. The best choice of bread is wholemeal bread. Here the full grain is used between 2 stones. 


GREEN. The green carbohydrates you can eat unlimited. Vegetables and fruit. It also contains sugars but because it also contains fibres, the decrease of sugars is very gradual and the fibres provide a full feeling. Do not squeeze fruit because the fibres will be taken out.


Conclusion: if your diet is limited to eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds, you will get enough carbohydrates with lots of fibre! Drink, water with fruit in it (pieces of strawberry and mint for example) tea. Alcohol in moderation. So don't count calories anymore but your beige and white carbohydrates.


Why does Annemarie get fat and Petra doesn't? They have the same genes because they are twins. After research Petra ate a lot of green carbohydrates, so a lot of fibre and Annemarie did not. Because of this Petra had a healthy intestinal flora with billions of healthy intestinal bacteria that help with fat burning. So if Petra ate white or beige carbohydrates once, she didn't get fat but Annemarie did.


Important, look at products to see how much sugars they contain. It is tempting to buy a product with 0% fat, but sometimes there are a lot of sugars in it.



A test has shown that you burn your food better during the day than at noon. So eat relationship more as breakfast and lunch and eat moderately as dinner. Of course you can eat a lot of green carbohydrates.



Keep your bread in the freezer and toast it. The molecules make such a connection that the sandwich produces less direct sugars and is more digestible.



A test has shown that quiet little exercise in daily life and going to the gym is just as effective as turning your daily life into a more active life. Take the bike, the stairs, work in the garden, clean your house (yourself).



The sugars in soft drinks turned out to be the worst of all. Stopping soft drinks and fruit juices yields a huge profit!


E955 Sucralose is the best sweetener of today and it is not carcinogenic!

Sucralose is a low calorie, artificial sweetener made by controlled chlorination of sucrose, which is 500 to 600 times as sweet as sugar. It is sold under the brand names Splenda and Altern.



Note: a teaspoon of honey contains the same number of calories as a teaspoon of sugar. This also applies to maple syrup and other natural sweeteners.



You think you already know everything about nutrition. Ve-tsin....o that flavour enhancer. Yes! Sounds innocent. This was always forbidden in the Netherlands. Not anymore. Is that bad? Yes! Ve-tsin also makes sure that you can't stop eating. Side effects: headache, intestinal cramps, anger attacks, abdominal pain, migraine, insomnia, neurological disorders....Glutamate (E621), also called L-glutamate, is added as a flavour enhancer to savoury products, such as meat herbs, soups, sauces and bouillons, cold cuts, savoury snacks, crisps and Chinese food. They enhance the umami taste of savoury foods.



What is nutrition? These are products that are good for you. They come from nature. Nature brings us wonderful delicacies that contain special substances. Sunflower seeds against arthritis, contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and selenium against cancer. Lycopene in tomatoes against prostate cancer and more collagen in the skin, turmeric is a curry powder that is able to let the cancer cell destroy itself. Walnuts can help prevent breast cancer, fish oil against high blood pressure and so on.


What is not food? Candy, frozen pizza, flour, white flour, cookies, bags of sauce and everything that doesn't come directly from nature but first made its route through the factory. These substances are packed with omega 6 that promotes inflammation (arthritis, acne, heart disease, cancer). In addition, these products cause too many waste products in the body, causing cells to clog up and lose their function. Use in moderation!


Furthermore, the value of fresh food should be considered by too fast production in agriculture. Any shortages can be compensated by biological supplementation of Bonusan, We have special skin vitamins for you! 

But if you bring variation in healthy food you do not need pills. for bookings

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