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Skin in the transition: Perimenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause for bookings

The transition is often accompanied by dry, sagging skin and sometimes acne. In the video some tips about nutrition.


Transition has many side effects, night-sweating, insomnia, obesity, libido loss, hunted feeling, mood swings and dry skin. 20% of women do not suffer from anything. What is their secret? Many foods contain bio-identical hormones. I call the strongest. Also important to know is what you should not do: alcohol and red meat. Sweetness can also stimulate hot flashes.

What is in transitional medicines is sage. Sage is just for sale in the supermarket. Keep it in the freezer and eat a frozen leaf when you get a hot flush. You can feel the hot flush fly away immediately. Take a few times a day a leaf of Sage as a precaution. Raspberries put your hormones on the rails. Enjoy every morning in your Yoghurt with walnuts to prevent breast cancer and then immediately put in red grapes to drain the winter fat through the resveratrol. Pine nuts also contain bio-identical hormones, delicious as a snack or on bread together with Alfalfa. Keep your weight low because fat around the product gives more hormone fluctuations. Losing weight is easier by reading for free and swallowing the Bonusan Fatburner brand. The root from the Andes Mountains is also called the natural Viagra. Maca is the only edible plant that lives at an altitude of 4000 meters. Bonusan Maca is available at where the cream Protect is also available to rejuvenate dry skin directly and guaranteed dermatologically. It replenishes what it lacks. In the video I forgot to mention Bonusan vitamin D3. The body needs D3 to prevent osteoporosis. Moreover, D3 makes for a happy feeling inside. 


For the treatment: BIO FACIAL Also look at sagging skin. Skin in the transition: #Perimenopause, #Menopause, and #Postmenopause for bookings

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