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Warts for bookings

There are different kinds of warts that we remove. 


 Warts (Verrucae vulgaris)

 Age warts (Keratose seborrhoica)

Foot warts (Verrucae planters)

Genetic warts


Removal with the Cryopen is a virtually painless quick method. With -89 degrees and a super thin ray, the CryoPen only touches the wart and not the healthy (sensitive) tissue (the skin) next to it. Sometimes repetition is necessary.  The removal costs 55 euros. A second place or repetition costs 19 euros.


As Cryopen specialist we can remove warts almost painlessly. Also ideal for children! Also for age, foot and genetical warts. WhatsApp skin service 0653 276 070 for bookings

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