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N˚3 Tonic

TONIC (lotion) "Rosenberg Skin Enhancement" 100 ml with Vitamin C!


N3 Tonic | Cleaning of Rosenberg Skin Clinic

For someone who does not use make-up, the Tonic is the most important step towards a beautiful skin. Most tonics or lotions are colored water and do little for the skin. Rosenberg Skin Clinic has done years of research into a tonic with a great visible and tangible effect. When this tonic was first sold, the reviews were immediately positive. Special is the multiple action, purifying, anti-inflammatory, non-drying, firming and removes redness from the face. The Tonic is therefore also popular with users with acne and rosacea. But also the very sensitive delicate skin will over time look like a normal healthy fit skin. Bio-active substances have been added to the Tonic that protect the skin cells against oxidation and skin ageing with their antioxidants. As a result, the Tonic N 3 from Rosenberg Skin Clinic ensures skin improvement regardless of the skin type.


The Rosenberg Tonic stimulates the skin cells to renewal and is therefore suitable for all skin types. It cleanses the skin, prevents and works against acne without drying out the skin. Therefore, this tonic is also suitable for both dry and oily skin. It does not tighten the skin in the sense of tightness but the tonic makes the skin firmer, fitter! Therefore, this Tonic is also highly effective against wrinkles to prevent.


The tonic contains natural BIO active anti-inflammatory agents. Demodex mites causes Rosacea and the Propioni Bacterium causes acne. In the Rosenberg LAB, people study the world of Micro Biology of the skin. Do you have sensitive skin suffer from redness, sensitive eyes? This can be caused by the Demodex mite. The Rosenberg Tonic contains healthy plant BIO active ingredients that keep the skin free of micro biological pests that excrete harmful substances!


On the Tonic is N3, this means that it is step 3 of the 6 step plan. For anyone who does not use make-up this is step 1 (or step 2 if you find it extra fresh to use a wash).

Special Tonic because you immediately feel and see difference. Your skin is instantly awake, particularly fresh and clean. Use the Tonic twice a day. Don't forget to use the other side of your cotton wool. If necessary, use a second cotton pad with Tonic if any dirt came off the second side of your cotton pad. Always finish with a clean cotton wool.



This tonic has a disinfecting, tightening effect and gives a pleasant tingling effect. The skin shines healthy after use and feels soft. Provides a clean skin, good circulation. Caring. 



1 to 2x daily. After cleansing oil or even as a first cleaning step if no make-up is used. Put the tonic on a cotton pad. Make strokes and circles from the inside out. Also over the eyes. Under the eyes from the outside to the inside, one hand rests on the temples so that the delicate, sagging skin does not shift too much. Repeat this with the other side of the cotton pads. If this side does not give off any more dirt, the cleaning is ready. Otherwise repeat the above.


Do not use with:

In case of allergy to terpenes (citrus fruits and pine trees) the use of Tea Tree is not recommended. Never place essential oils over an open fire and keep them out of reach of children.



Pure essential Tea Tree oil in pure spring water.  

Aqua (water), Melaleuca Alternifolia 

Vitamin C



100 mL

€ 14,95

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