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N˚2 Face Wash 

N2 Wash | Cleaning of Rosenberg Skin Clinic


Being in the shower with your face is, as explained with N1, bad for your acid mantle, the PH value of your skin. Ice cold water has a healthy effect on the skin. It increases blood flow and does not affect the natural sebum-containing protection. Rosenberg Skin Clinic has developed a Wash without parabens or perfume. The Wash is gentle on the skin and provides quick cleansing. The skin will not feel tight after use. Use the product also for neck and décolleté. Hands that are sensitive to eczema also benefit from this Wash. Use this Wash daily before going to bed. The N2 Wash can be omitted from the 3 steps of cleaning if you ensure that your last cotton wool with tonic no longer shows any visible dirt. Always use the Tonic N3 after the Wash.



RSC Wash cleanses the skin very thoroughly in a mild and organic way. 

-Without preservatives

-Without mineral oils

-Without ingredients with increased allergy risk


If no make-up is used, only an RSC Tonic is sufficient. If makeup is used, step 1 is the RSC Cleansing Oil, then the RSC Face Wash and then the RSC Tonic to restore the PH value of the skin and close the pores.



After you have removed all makeup with RSC Cleansing Oil face wet, put a big RSC Face Wash marble on your face on washed hands. On a clean, wet washcloth is also allowed.


Then rinse off, then RSC Tonic, RSC 24 Hour Skin Care or other product.



Aqua, glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, coco-glucoside, sodium chloride, sodium lactate, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, capryllyl glycol, Melaleuca alternifolia 



Content:  100 ml 


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