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Rosenberg Skin Clinic is a member of the Vektis quality register as an acne care provider, AGB code registered acne specialit. This may result in a refund of the costs of your treatment from the (supplementary) health insurance. You do not have to use your own risk first.

Because the insurance companies Rosenberg Skin Clinic and practitioner J.A.T.W. Rosenberg are recognised, you can rest assured that you are making the best choice with the best result.


Rosenberg Skin Clinic is an acnespecialist as a practitioner and also a frontrunner with the care products! Also experience the feeling of clean fresh skin and start tomorrow with the (home) acne treatment program. WhatsApp for advice on 0653 276 070

Acne Treatment of one hour, 110 euros

With this extensive treatment, the steps Cleaning, glycolic acid, removing impurities (more time for this) are a special gasket that pulls all the dirt out of the pores! So black dots on the nose will be gone. Then follows the DPT lamp.

We recommend this extensive acne treatment as a first treatment. This treatment may also be reimbursed by the insurance.


How often you need to come depends on your skin. Consult with the acnes specialist. Do you have any questions? Call 035-208 07 20  The Peeling Factory 

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