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Microneedling for bookings

Rosenberg microneedling technique for a firm skin & (acne) scar therapy. The BIO collagen filler!


Microneedling with Rosenberg dermapen technique and 100% pure hyaluronic acid and collagen booster serum deep into the skin. The skin will make ZELF collagen!


BIO facelift

A normal facelift is the tightening of the skin. This has nothing to do with skin improvement. The skin is just as thin and sagging. The natural facelift with the Rosenberg dermapen technique makes the skin full, firm and healthy again. A normal facelift is quite stressful for your skin and expensive!


The Rosenberg dermapen technique is our latest treatment in anti-aging and scar therapy. Your skin makes its own new tissue by making collagen. The skin becomes firmer, stronger, younger, smoother, more vital, finer pores, smoother and radiant! The device pricks at lightning speed, painless by the anaesthetic EMLA cream, needles to a depth of 2.5 mm. A total facelift is possible.. With every repeat of the treatment you will feel like you are experiencing years back in time.


Skin renewal, skin firming, anti scar, coarse pores, get a smooth firm skin!


The Rosenberg dermapen technique is the latest development in the field of micro needling. Treatment with the Rosenberg dermapen is a non surgery way to renew and beautify the skin in depth without damaging the epidermis. 


Rosenberg dermapen 


The Rosenberg dermapen uses tiny needles that make vibrating little channels in the skin. Vertical small channels are made superficial in the skin. These channels are not visible to the naked eye, but 'wound' the skin just enough to activate them naturally. The stimulation exploits the natural recovery process of the skin that starts deep inside the skin. The stimulation in the connective tissue releases growth and healing factors that cause the production of collagen and elastin.


Skin firming + relief reduction


The connective tissue cells are given an incentive to produce new connective tissue fibres. Because the connective tissue is stimulated deep into the skin, you will notice after a few treatments that your skin becomes firmer and smoother. Relief created by acne scars and wrinkles will gradually become less.


Renewal of the skin cells + purification


In addition, the cell division gets a huge boost. Old, dead skin cells flake off more quickly in the weeks after the treatment and new, young skin cells are produced earlier. The thickened horny layer becomes nicely thin again, making blockages such as blackheads less likely. Treatment with the Rosenberg dermapen therefore also has a purifying effect.


Equalisation of the skin tone


Excessive pigment present in the horny layer flakes off and fades, making sun damage, age spots and other superficial pigment spots less visible. Your skin tone becomes more even and radiant.


- Fine lines and wrinkles

- Acne scars

- Scars of a different nature

- Sun damage

- Pigment Disorder

- Coarse skin structure/ enlarged pores

- Stretchs/ strings


The production of connective tissue is a gradual process that takes place "below" the visible surface of the skin and takes time to achieve the desired results. After an average of 2-4 weeks there is an improvement, the final result will gradually be visible. As with other skin improving therapies, the more treatments, the stronger the effect. Depending on the condition or skin requirements, an average of 5 to 6 treatments are required every 4-6 weeks for a great visible result. By treating in a spa setting, the progress of the process can be monitored. Every treatment with the Rosenberg dermapen will be a boost for your skin. Prior to the first treatment and in between photos are taken of the skin, so that the improvement of your skin can be followed closely.


Rosenberg dermapen the treatment


For the treatment, a hyaluronic acid collagen booster serum is applied to your skin, after which the Rosenberg dermapen rotating over your skin is moved. The treatment gives a slightly 'sharp' feeling, but is well tolerated. With the anaesthetic EMLA cream (on prescription) is almost nothing tangible. The depth of treatment, varying from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm, depends on the indication and your skin condition.

With a deeper, medical treatment, there will be punctual blood spots visible during the treatment. This is the intention! The skin closes immediately after the treatment and after that you only have an even pink/red skin for about 1 to 2 hours.

The Rosenberg skin specialist can accurately determine what your skin needs and will discuss this with you during the preparation of the treatment plan.


If necessary, the Rosenberg skin specialist will give you the information you need. for bookings

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