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AHA Glycolic Acid Peelings for bookings

Rosenberg Glycolic acid Peeling 50-70-%


All dermatologists agree. The Glycolic Acid Peeling is the healthiest thing you can do for your skin, the healthy effect is called exfoliating. Dead skin cells are removed, wrinkles fade away and small imperfections become smoother. Clogging, thick sebum and cornified skin are converted into healthy, fit skin.  Creams and serums are better absorbed. The Glycolic Acid Peeling also penetrates deep into the skin layers where pigment disturbances are resolved in depth. The Glycolic Acid peeling activates the skin to make collagen which makes the skin firmer. The Glycolic Acid Peeling is healthy for all skin types.


The Rosenberg Glycolic Acid Peeling treatment also stimulates collagen production. When repeated regularly (preferably in a weekly treatment), the skin becomes firmer and wrinkles, scars and sagging skin regains resilience.


After 1 treatment you can already see and feel the result. The treatment does not take long and is painless. You feel your skin itchy, a slight stimulation. Your skin is like after a long walk in the open air. You can go back to work immediately if you want to do this treatment in your lunchtime.


The result is immediately visible:


- Fine pores

- A super smooth skin

- Your skin shines






Every day we lose about 40,000 skin cells. Under the cornified cells lies a soft new skin. A skin cell renews itself every month. After 40 years of life, this process even takes 10 days longer. Through glycolic acid peeling we accelerate this process and get rid of rough old cells, waste products and superficial irregularities. Besides a beautiful structure, we also create a beautiful fresh tint. Also pigment spots will become calmer and can disappear with regular repetitions. Wrinkles will be less deep and acne-disturbed skin will miraculously refresh. 


The superficial Glycolic Acid Peeling is a treatment method for skin conditions such as dark pigment spots (melasma, age spots and dark flat scars), but also for acne scars, and the outdated skin. 


Rosenberg AHA Glycolic Acid Gel is available in various concentrations, namely: 12% and 20% for home use, 50% and 70% for practice. Alphahydroxy acids (A.H.A.), to which glycolic acid belongs, are a family of vegetable acids (lactic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid and grape acid) with extraordinary dermatological properties. 


Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule of all AHAs; it therefore penetrates the skin best and is therefore more effective than other acids. Glycolic acid weakens the cohesion between the corneocytes and stimulates the new formation of collagen fibres by the fibroblasts. These properties accelerate the exfoliation of the stratum corneum and increase the tonus of the supporting tissue. However, the effectiveness of a superficial peeling depends mainly on the repetition of this treatment. Studies show that AHAs have the ability to bind moisture into the skin. The production of collagen and elastin fibres is activated. These acids soften the intermediate cellular matter in the horny layer, which sticks together the flakes of skin, thus repelling this barrier. The most effective fruit acid is glycolic acid (extracted from sugar cane) because the small size of the molecule means that it is absorbed by the skin the quickest and spreads into the various layers. 


The Rosenberg Glycolic Acid Peeling has added additional effective active ingredients for extra skin improvement. International societies, including Japanese doctors, have shown interest in the treatment of the Rosenberg formula!


At concentrations up to 12% the effect is limited to the horny layer. At concentrations of 12-50% the glycolic acid can penetrate deeper into the dermis to activate the production of elastin and connective tissue. The increased cell division further leads to an accelerated exfoliation of the pigmented epidermal cells, which has a bleaching effect. A "renewal" and "refreshment" of the skin occurs simultaneously.                     for bookings

 Rosenberg AHA Glycolzuur specialist,  collageen booster, peeling & acne huidpraktijk!
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