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Rosenberg cryopen technique, a smooth smooth even skin!​

Can be removed with the CryoPen:

 Warts (Verrucae vulgaris)

 Age warts (Keratose seborrhoica)

Foot warts (Verrucae planters)

Genetic warts

Benign blood vessel tumours (Angiomas)


Age and pigment spots (Lentigo solaris)


Hemangiomas (strawberry spots) for bookings

Rosenberg Cryopen specialist in Blaricum, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Zeist


Perhaps your skin has already become beautiful with the Hyaluron serum and glycolic acid* for cell renewal, but there are still disturbing spots that you would like to have gone. These are all the more noticeable on a clean skin. We can safely say that we belong to the better Cryopen specialists. The skin specialist is also "On Tour" in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zeist and Rotterdam. Whatsapp your request for an invitation on 0653 276 070.


*Glycolic acid has the property of destroying strange new cells (such as those of a warthog, for example) during daily use. That is why glycolic acid is also very useful and helps to prevent pigmentation and skin cancer.


Do you have a birthmark, warts, pigment spots, stalk warts or lumps, spots that are not inflammation, are benign? Then we can remove that painless for you with a super thin ray from a pen of -89 degrees. And usually no repetition is needed!


With the Rosenberg cryopen method it is very easy, fast and effective to remove fibroids, warts, age and pigment spots and all other benign skin lesions. We can see if a spot is benign. This assessment is free. If in doubt, we will make a referral for you!


Never before has a skin specialist had so much immediately deployable freezing power, very precisely, down to the last millimetre. This prevents discomfort for you or your child by avoiding the treatment of healthy tissue.

The cryopes are virtually painless, take a few seconds and you can hardly see that you have undergone the treatment. The following week new skin tissue will form under the treated area. Within 2 weeks the new skin will become visible and the treated area will disappear.


An extra beautiful healing you get in combination with Hyaluronic Acid Serum 


Can be removed with the Cryopen:


- Warts (Verrucae vulgaris)

- Age warts (Keratose seborrhoica)

- Foot warts (Verrucae planters)

- Genital warts (we don't think that's strange, you can't do anything about it!)

- Benign blood vessel neoplasms (Angiomas) of those little red pinheads

- Fibroids (warts)

- Age and pigment spots (Lentigo solaris)

- Papilloma

- Hemangiomas (strawberry spots) for bookings             

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