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N˚6   24 Hour Skin Care















N 6 24 Hour Skin Care | Squalene Therapy of Rosenberg Skin Clinic


What is most precious in a cream, precisely the oil. Because it is precisely in the oil that vitamins and minerals are carried. The rest of the cream consists of water. That is often the reason why you often have to apply a lot of it. More than half evaporates. Rosenberg Skin Clinic uses the best of the cream, pure and concentrated. Without preservatives, perfume or other unnatural components. Rosenberg Skin Clinic only uses BIO-active substances with multiple effects in its 24-hour skin care, which dissolves various skin problems.


Oily blemished skin with inflammations

Dried skin

Wrinkles mainly caused by drought

Normal skin becomes particularly beautiful, it will radiate with golden shine

Most important property is optimal nutrition. Basic principle for the development of every healthy skin cell!



This skin oil does not feel greasy and penetrates deep into the skin. Lets the skin shine with a golden glow. This oil is also suitable for acne sensitive skin!



Apply 1 to 2 times daily on a clean face with clean hands.



Pure green olive oil obtained from cold extraction so that all the original vitamins and antioxidants can do their work for your skin optimally. Melaleuca alternifolia. Vitamin A + E



In case of allergy to terpenes (citrus fruits and pine trees) the use of Melaleuca alternifolia is not recommended. 




30 mL. 

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