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Treatments for skin improvement for your skin for bookings

Besides the further development of professional skin products, Jacqueline Rosenberg works at various locations by appointment as AGB code registered skin therapist. For a treatment of blemished skin, pigment disturbances, the skin in the transition and the general skin aging with discomforts such as sagging skin, dryness, age warts, pigment spots and starting actinic kerastosis, you can go here.


Skin condition check

It is possible to make an appointment for a skin check. You will receive information about the condition of your skin. There is also the opportunity to ask your questions. This consultation with advice is free of charge.


Luxury one hour BIO Facial Treatment

For one hour, the best active ingredients for your skin. A deep cleansing, gasket mask, cleansing massage, pure vitamins C and E, Hyalyron serum and LED collagen light will make your skin shine and feel wonderfully silky soft!



Inflammation of the sebaceous glands has inconveniences in many forms. It usually starts with a few comedones (blackheads), Milia (spiked grains) or a single pimple here and there. Acne is common in young people but also in adults, especially in pregnant women and women in menopause. The skin is purified, dead skin cells are removed and white heads, blackheads, blackheads and gerstekorrels are removed. You or your child will be advised at home.


Skin aging

There is a twilight zone between the aesthetic and medical treatments. Rosenberg is a specialist in this twilight zone. Stem warts, age warts, angiomas (bright red balls) and benign birthmarks only disfigure the skin. Rosenberg removes these for you definitively with the Cryopes.

The treatment of sun damage, pigment spots and actinic kerastosis (rough spots) are possibly a preliminary stage of skin cancer. The general advice is to treat these skin defects before they become malignant. Rosenberg uses AHA Glycolic acid 70% and/or freezing.



The skin slackens and often becomes drier. There are several (para) medical techniques that make the skin fitter and fuller. Glycolic acid in a high percentage stimulates the production of collagen. There are still some techniques to apply so that the skin itself smoother and firmer to make, in a natural way.

For extremely dry skin, sebum is imitated. The Rosenberg Skin Clinic LAB developed "Vitamin D Protect" with zinc as extra sun protection. 


Most used treatment methods by Rosenberg


DPT Photo Dynamic Therapy (skin improvement for different indications) 

DermaPen(skin firming)

Glycolic acid (70% peeling and collagen stimulation) 

Cryopes (freezing)

Camouflage Therapy (Lycogel) 


Insurance: Rosenberg is an approved care provider and the AGB code is registered with the quality register under number 89 100 336. You must first pay yourself on the spot. By debit card or cash. You will receive a form after which you may receive a refund of your treatment from your insurance company.


For questions or to make an appointment, please call Rosenberg Skin Clinic 035-208 0720 or WhatsApp 0653 27 60 70 for bookings

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