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N˚5 Hyaluronzuur

N 5 Hyaluronic acid | 25+ years | Hydration of Rosenberg Skin Clinic 


Until our 25th year we make our own collagen in the skin. Then this process slows down and the collagen decreases. We will miss volume in our bones and skin. Our skin becomes wider and wrinkles. Rosenberg Skin Clinic has been doing research for years into the causes and consequences of skin ageing. Our philosophy is to slow down this process in a natural way.

Hyaluronic acid N 5 consists of 100% pure Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. A true anti-wrinkle boost. Hyaluronic acid falls under the group of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), these substances have a water attracting property so that the skin in its volume can increase. GAGs are long chains of disaccharides and are an important component of collagen-rich tissues.

A shortage of glycosaminoglycans can accelerate the aging process by leading to collagen reduction and loss of elasticity, which, due to its small molecules, can penetrate deep into the skin and fill wrinkles from within. 


Use Hyaluronic Acid N 5 times a day on clean skin, preferably first treated with the Exfoliant, Vitamin A Glycolic Acid N4. Hyaluronic acid may also be applied to the eyes. An open wound will not prick. In hospitals, this product is even used to promote wound healing.


Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and provides a tighter and smoother skin. As soon as the serum is applied, you will see and feel it immediately. Hyaluronic acid is also used as a filler to inject wrinkles but also has the ability to be absorbed over the entire surface.



Hyaluronic acid belongs to the group of glycosaminoglycans, these substances have a water attracting function, so that the skin in its volume can increase! And that means that wrinkles are prevented because hyaluronic acid improves the moisture balance and elasticity of the skin! Hyaluronic acid is also involved in tissue renewal and wound healing.



1 or 2x daily on clean skin, preferably after an exfoliant. and for a cream or skin oil. Do not rinse off.



Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C


Storage: preferably in the refrigerator



30 mL



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