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N˚1 Cleansing Oil

N 1 Cleansing oil | Cleaning of Rosenberg Skin Clinic

Cleansing Oil is a pure vegetable oil that is still suitable for the most sensitive skin. Philosophy of this special brand for skin improvement: only clean your face with a product that is so healthy that you should also be able to apply it that way. In fact, you could eat it! Most skin cleansing products are aggressive, prick in the eyes and must be carefully removed from the skin again. This oil is soft, does not sting and immediately improves the skin. Waterproof mascara is also easy to remove. Use a tissue or moisten the cotton wool with water or Tonic N 3.

The oil is also suitable for oily skin. Oil sounds greasy but it is the most beautiful constituent of the green cold pressed olive oil with vitamin E and protective BIO active substances. The skin will experience this oil as a blessing because it nourishes, makes the sebum supple and bacteria inhibit their growth.

Water: Do not stand with your face in the shower. The PH value of your skin is totally confused. Dry skin dries out even more and oily skin gets a signal to produce even more sebum and becomes even fatter. Bacteria can grow faster if the PH value is disturbed. The skin has an acid mantle that protects your skin from harmful external influences. Rosenberg Skin Clinic has long researched to develop a product that is "skin specific". This brand maintains the acid mantle while the skin can be optimally cleansed. The acid mantle is even reinforced by added antioxidants, vitamin E of which will do its job right down to the deepest layer of the skin.



Gently cleanses the skin. Is not comodogenic and healthy for the skin.



Apply the cleansing oil to a square-folded tissue and make movements over the face from the inside out, soft circles may also rotate. This cleansing oil is very suitable for make-up removal, also waterproof mascara is effortlessly removed. Repeat this ritual with the other side or new tissue until almost no dirt comes off. This cleansing oil is not skin alien so can be used on dry skin without post-treatment.



Then use RSC Tonic No 3 on a cotton pad or in case of extra intensive cleansing first RSC Wash No 2



Superior quality olive oil obtained directly from olives and mechanically. Obtained from cold extraction, all the original vitamin (E) and antioxidants can do their job for your skin optimally.


100 ml  €14,95,- 




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