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Red Sensitive Skin for bookings

Red sensitive skin


-This can be hereditary

-Reaction to perfumed cosmetics - stand with your face under a hot shower

-Couperose: Red kegs, usually on cheeks

-Rosacea: inflamed rosacea



Redness is often a sign of disturbance in the skin barrier and its immunity. This is usually accompanied by bacteria or a mite such as the Demodex in the case of rosacea. The skin reacts sensitively (itching) by the substances that the bacteria / mite excretes. It is therefore important to make the skin more resistant to redness / stronger (zinc and minerals), so it is possible that another person with the same bacterium does not suffer. We also see eczema more often in people who suffer from asthma or are allergy-sensitive. In this case it is still important to eliminate the mite and baterie. This bacterium and mite repellent is included in the skin care of Rosenberg Skin Clinic.


A third important aspect is the elimination of the cause. The removal of the bacteria is not yet the removal of the cause. The cause is a skin condition in which apparently the (harmful) bacteria had a chance to grow like this.


Example in acne


By the interrogation of the skin, the number of harmful bacteria grows. Rosenberg Skin Clinic has included glycolic acid as the most important ingredient to prevent interrogation. Glycolic acid is not recommended for itchy, scratched skin.


For at home, Egliser against redness and itching is recommended.



Soothing BIO treatment, one hour of attention tailored to the skin.

DPT Light (kills the harmful bacteria light sensitive)

Camouflage Therapy does not heal (soothes) makes the skin even for bookings

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