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Rosenberg PDT huidspecialst met Acne specialsatie bij Rosenberg Skin Clinic Baricum

PDT for Acne treatment for bookings

Rosenberg Acne treatment method


Acne is a common problem, almost everyone will ever have to deal with it.  The cause of the formation of pimples or acne is excessive sebum production.

When the sebum cannot flow off evenly, a blocked pore is created, partly under the influence of accumulation of old skin cells. The bacterium propionibacterium acnes causes an inflammation in the clogged pore and this ultimately results in the formation of a pimple.


The Rosenberg Acne treatment consists of 1 or more steps:

Glycolic Acid Peeling

Removes impurities (comedones, pustules, gerstekorrels)

PDT light

Explanation of your home care during your first visit


Cause Acne: this is caused by hormones. These hormones cause you to produce more sebum, your sebum becomes stiff. Moreover, the upper skin layer gets too much interrogation and sticky dead skin cells.


We can't and don't want to do much about your hormones. The Rosenberg Acne specialist has been specially trained to reduce and perhaps eliminate acne completely. We make your sebum thinner and remove the sticky dead skin cells. We also add natural anti-inflammatory drugs and give you information on how you can prevent it from getting worse yourself and what you can do to reduce the acne. Your treatment will be reimbursed by the (supplementary) health insurance. Even if you are not insured for this, it gives you the feeling that you are at the right address with the Rosenberg acnespecialist!


Explanation PDT light

PDT is painless and medically effective. Skin specialist Rosenberg is PDT Acne Specialist and AGB code registered care provider, recognized by insurance companies. Rosenberg treated at different locations.


PDT means Photo Dynamic Therapy. Acne is caused by Propioni Acnes Bacterium. This does not survive the light of the PDT. The treatment is 100% painless. Rosenberg Skin Clinic is AGB registered Acne Specialist and recognized by health insurers. 


Our PDT Acne treatment is preceded by a deep cleaning. We are the only DPT Acne practice in the Netherlands to have a DPT light flash unit that immediately treats the entire face. This means a shorter and more intensive treatment


Benefits of PDT Acne treatment:



No antibiotics needed

Prevents scars

Acne almost disappears

Self-assured adolescence (Acne also occurs in adults)

Rosenberg Skin Clinic is an accredited PDT Acne registered healthcare provider with AGB-Code.


(ACNE) Scars

Scars come in all shapes and sizes. Their cause also differs. There are scars of chicken pox, acne, but also by damage. We assess the best treatment for each scar. Some scars benefit from freezing but most scars that require the creation of extra tissue are treated with collagen induction therapy by puncturing a super-thin needle with the Rosenberg dermapen method. Acne scar therapy is reimbursed by the insurance as acne treatment.


*You will receive an invoice with AGB code. You first pay the invoice yourself, you send the invoice to your insurance company by e-mail and you get the insured amount back.


Learn Camouflage

Acne treatments may be reimbursed under supplementary insurance. for bookings

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