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Een droge huid kan ontstaan door droge lucht

Dry Skin for bookings

Dry skin can be caused by transition, heating, air conditioning, bathing or showering too hot or too long, sauna, sun damage or the wrong wash and the wrong cream | body lotion. First of all, buy a hydrometer to measure the humidity in your home and, if necessary, install a humidifier or plants.


Most dry skin creams contain a product that makes the skin feel good but without the cream the skin feels dry and tight again. This cream is clearly not skin-enhancing and actually fools us with an unhealthy layer.


Therefore, a good cream is one that makes the skin healthy so that the skin itself is again able to solve its problem as the brand Rosenberg Skin Clinic does. (Vitamin A Glycolic acid and then Hyaluronic acid and last 24 hours Skin Care)


In terms of treatment the advice is: the BIO Facial. for bookings

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